by: Gillian

I am going semi private in Holles Street, I haven’t been to see the consultant yet, but due to a history of miscarriages, I have had three scans already, one at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks. Every time is as nerve wrecking as the last, I guess it is hard to relax when the baby is too small to feel movement yet.

The midwives are all really lovely, and I have to say when you see that movement on screen, even Russell Crowe would cry, my husband was definitely blubbing a little, or maybe it was just something in his eye……..

The first scan at 8 weeks was probably the most nervous I was, the midwife was really lovely, and she took me away into a room away from the rest of the tiny cubicles. When she put the monitor on my belly, all we could see was a bean shaped blob on the screen, but crucially, we could see a constant flicker in the middle of my bean, which was the heart, I realised at that stage that I had stopped breathing in anticipation, but the relief was amazing, I wanted to hug the midwife.

My most recent scan at 16 weeks was amazing, you could clearly see the baby, its little hands, legs and to our delight, appeared to introduce itself to us by pushing its face up to the screen; I could stay there forever looking at the monitor.

Roll on the 20 week scan (although I’ll be close to 23 weeks by the time I have it), still deliberating if we will find out the sex, the girls want a baby brother, I don’t mind, but I must admit I am a tiny bit curious!!