by: Sinead

It’s all go this week – as well as the usual madness of a normal week I’m also desperately trying to get ‘organised’ to go on holiday in a few days and I had my first antenatal appointment too.

We are heading to Spain; this is our third attempt at a holiday abroad over the last few years. Our first was when I was pregnant the first time and the Ash cloud stopped air traffic as we were boarding the plane, then last year when Jack was 1 year he managed to contract the chicken pox just a few days before we were due to fly, so this really is 3rd time lucky!! So far so good, but I’m saying nothing until we have landed on Spanish ground!

The holiday preparation I think?! is pretty much under control – well for my little boy that is, I have absolutely nothing organised for myself and well my husband, he’s a man and they never bring much! Long gone are the days when I actually put some thought into what clothes I might bring…..I’ll be lucky to have anything to wear but I really don’t care, I just want to get there and enjoy the nice weather, food and fun times in the pool and at the beach – what I’m wearing, who cares ha ha!!!

My husband keeps telling me not to bring various ‘baby’ items but I just don’t want the stress of having to find the shop to buy the nappies or wipes as soon as I arrive (that’s fine after a day or two when we’ve settled in).

Am I going overboard packing the thermometer, calpol, nappies, wipes, numerous changes of clothes and swim gear, hooded towels….the list goes on and on and on??? I even plan to bring some cereal in a plastic bag with a bowl and spoon to give him his breakfast in the airport as we’ve an early flight (there is always milk at the coffee stands!) – at least then he’ll have some sort of a normal breakfast before we go.

I’m also dreading entertaining a 2 year old on a busy plane, so I bought a portable DVD player, kiddie ear phones and a new Peppa Pig dvd – fingers crossed that does the job!

Packing suitcase for holidayBaby on Airplane