by: Sinead


It happens all day every day these days and I wake up at night because of it….its horrific!

Tips to relieve heartburn:

  • Smaller more frequent meals
  • Avoid foods that classically trigger heartburn – fatty fried foods, chocolate, caffeine (ok maybe I could work on my chocolate intake!)
  • Avoid eating late at night – (ok I need to be more organised so! By the time I come home from work, spend time with Jack, depending on what the plan is for dinner, I sometimes give him dinner and have mine later in peace and quiet when he has gone to bed as I find it easier – so I could definitely work on this one!)
  • Elevate the upper body in bed – (I have to say I usually start upright and find I slip down in my sleep and when I wake up during the night with an attack – going back to sleep more upright is the only comfortable way to do it!)

So if you are also a sufferer – don’t suffer in silence, has anyone else got any tips to share to help relieve that burning pain?