From teething to brushing your little one’s teeth, take care of them now to ensure they have a celebrity smile in the future. Healthy baby teeth will pave the way for great adult teeth. Healthy teeth are also important for your baby’s development too – from chewing and gum development to forming words and sounds.


Your baby’s first tooth can appear any time from 3 months onwards.  Most dentists will recommend teething rings, particularly the water filled kind that can be chilled to soothe aching gums. Other good ideas are to gently massage your little one’s gums with a clean finger or teething gels which contain a mild, local anaesthetic to soothe and comfort but make sure to check age compatibility and speak to your pharmacist. Food-based teethers should be avoided as much as possible, because they can leave food residue causing tooth decay and can sometimes be a choking hazard.

Cleaning your little one’s teeth

From the minute those pearly whites start to appear you will need to keep them clean and take care of them. Brush your baby’s teeth once in the morning and once in the evening with water.  Tiny, soft bristled toothbrushes are available in most pharmacies. Fluoride toothpaste (normal adult toothpaste) is not suitable under 2 years of age.

Brushing their own teeth

When your little one gets a bit older they will be able to hold the toothbrush themselves and move it around their mouth.  Encourage this, but you might need to go over them again after to ensure that they cleaned all over the mouth. To make it more fun, allow your little one to pick out their own toothbrush and you could even try brushing your teeth at the same time to set a good example.

Remember: Ensure your baby’s diet has plenty of calcium and Vitamin D to ensure the healthy formation of permanent teeth.