As I approach week 26 of pregnancy I am reflecting on how it’s been so far – maybe because I am still a little bit scared to think too much about what is going to happen in t-minus 14 weeks!  Thankfully I came through the stage of feeling like I’d constantly just eaten a dodgy kebab reasonably OK and I am enjoying feeling relatively energetic before I begin to get my waddle on in a few weeks.

The first thing that struck me when I discovered I was pregnant and began telling people was that if there are two things in life everyone will have an opinion on its weddings and babies.  Can I let you in on a little secret, I found the wedding advice kind of annoying.  Themes, schemes and bouquets.  I had none of these and still managed to stand up in front of my friends and family to say some pretty cool stuff to the man I love and have a decent knee’s up.

Fast forward about a year and a bit and I find myself in my current predicament J  And I’ve never wanted so much advice in my life.  The good news is there are friends and family out there only too ready to answer my random questions or put my mind at rest.  Some of my more unusual texts to friends in recent weeks have related to food which, for anyone who knows me, is one of the loves of my life.  For example, can you eat pineapple in pregnancy (apparently yes), can you stand near a box of ibuprofen when you are pregnant (standing is fine, but probably best not to ingest any of said box of pills).

I have found that as the weeks tick by, and they do tick by, anyone that tells you pregnancy flies is having a laugh in my book – I have learned a lot.  Aside from friends and family there is so much information out there about pregnancy, which I found pretty daunting at the start but I’ve stuck with it and even read of the ‘childbirth’ chapter of a book someone gave me this week. (fyi  yikers! but I’ll come back to that another time)  At the very least, my reading has enabled me to answer the inevitable question in the tapas restaurant of ‘can I have that chickpea dish with the black pudding?’  (for the record, apparently yes).  I am trying not to get too overwhelmed with the whole thing, which is easier said than done – I’ve had a few cold sweats already.  I think of all my friends who have kids.  Look at them, they’ve got a kid(s) and they seem to be doing alright don’t they?  If they can do it, so can I – well that’s my logic.

I like logic, although I hear that apparently logic is going to go out the window in a few months.  I feel that cold sweat coming on again, babies should really come with an instruction manual….!