by: Pippa

Having last spoke about the differences between pregnancy number 1 and pregnancy number 2, I am now sharing some practical tips on how you can prepare for baby number 2.

Upgrading your buggy

One of the major purchases for Baby Number 1 was the buggy. Or as it now seems to be called ‘the travel system’. As city dwellers, we opted for a light weight, highly compatible buggy that was nice and neat, fitting into our hall without taking up too much room (The Uppababy Cruz).

Now with the second on the way, we’ve realised that our buggy doesn’t fit a second seat on it, though will take one of those wobble board things for Daughter #1 to stand up on. Though whether she will stand on it, now that’s another thing….

So what to do. We’re seriously reluctant to fork out for a whole new system right away so we’ve opted to delay the decision until we are fully up and running with both babies. We will definitely get a new sling for the baby and a ‘fold-up’ umbrella buggy for the elder so we’ve got modes of transport to get both around – other than that, we’ll be having another transportation chat in a few months’ time.


To recycle clothes, or not to recycle

As the fourth in a line of daughters myself, I am really reluctant that Daughter 2 is clothed only in hand-me-downs. But then again, we have mountains and I mean MOUNTAINS of clothes from Daughter 1.

So the plan is to use lots of the clothes but to make sure that D2 gets some new things along the way that are hers and hers alone.


Prepping the house for baby number 2

Daughter 1 has really accumulated a lot of stuff in her two short years with us – and it’s usually plastic and easily swallowable for a baby. It’s also funny to have to start about life with a newborn again – and that bit of proofing that you need to do, now with all this added plastic around the house. And there’s also another league of proofing, for those ‘I’m-tied-up-with-a-newborn-so-cannot-protect-your-older-one’ moments.


What to do with number 1 when number 2 is on the way

First time around, I only had to think about what we had to do with two people – my husband and myself. This time around, we had a third – a two-year old toddler who has a weekly routine that we didn’t want to disrupt too much. It took us a little while to work out how best to manage our little one while we handled the arrival of the new one. We got a plan together, thanks to our wonderful family – and lists of that weekly routine!


As Daughter 2 was breech and arrived by C-Section, I prepped for both possible arrivals – through the sunroof again, or out the boot this time. I had, in my innocence, thought that Daughter 1 could be around the house here if I had gone into labour. Yeah, I rethought that after hearing a few stories from people.