by: Sinead

I’m home!

There is nothing like your own bed and being able to make a cup of tea whenever you want!

Well so far so good. Jack just loves his little sister, I immediately got him involved in the nappy changing and he has since taken it that it’s his job! So he helps by passing cotton wool and even wants to wipe her bum too and loves putting the nappy in the bin for me (that won’t last too long!). He is fascinated by her small hands and says things like ‘ahh look at her tiny fingers’. Thankfully it’s all going smoothly so far. When he came into the hospital I had a present ready ‘from Jessica’ to give to him so he was delighted with the surprise (a doctor set and a small Bob the builder toy) he loves nothing more than checking our temperatures now!

With the early release programme a midwife from the hospital calls to the house for 2 days after and then the public health nurse calls. It’s a fantastic service, it’s just you and her and they stay as long as you need them and give lots of tips and advice.

Our first night was torture – she cried all night if she wasn’t in my arms, which meant absolutely no sleep!! Jack was the same when he came home from hospital. So the next night I was more prepared as I remembered a few tricks that the midwives told me the last time and I also followed the advice of the midwife who had called in the next day (I’ve listed a few for you below). The next night was much better, she slept for 5 hours and may have slept longer but her brother wanted to change her nappy so decided she needed to wake up! I think this might be a common occurrence – the poor little thing will be hounded by him 🙂

Tips for newborns that will not settle in the crib:

  1. Roll up a towel and place it under the sheet in a semi-circle around where their head and shoulders would lie. This makes them feel more secure and cocooned. I actually saw a bed that was made especially like this in Mothercare a while ago but it was very expensive and you only need to do it for the first few weeks.
  2. Drape the blanket that you are using for them over you whenever you can during the day, your smell will help soothe them when they are snuggled under it at night.
  3. Before you are about to put them down, put a hot water bottle in the crib to warm it up for them.

Other than that – my big tip would be to accept all offers of food. My mother in law has cooked us dinner and delivered it every evening (as much as I complain about her that was amazing!). When Jack was born I remember a friend called up with dinner one evening and it was the best present to get. Honestly the first week is a shock to the system, you will be tired. Just go with it!

I keep telling myself the first 2 weeks are the worst, then everything will start to settle down – both with baby and if you’ve had a section it gets easier then. I can do it!