by: Gillian

I had my first visit to the consultant, I am going semi private in Holles Street, the midwives have it down to a fine art, because it is very busy, but they are super-efficient & keep the line moving along. The queue for the weighing scales is always a little daunting… even though you know that it is not body fat that you are putting on (for the most part!), but I guess years of scale watching is a hard habit to break.

Then all the pregnant Mammies sit on benches (padded of course) and shuffle up until it is your turn to go into the little room to meet the consultant. The consultant is very nice, he took my blood pressure, all fine, and was happy to talk about any questions you have, and finally that moment when he scans the baby, YAY, another little glimpse at my growing baby. All well. And then it’s over, the whole visit lasted perhaps 4, maybe 5 minutes. My next appointment is with my own GP in 6 weeks, so I don’t see the consultant again until the start of May…seems like a lifetime away. It’s all becoming a little more real now.