by: Sinead

I’m so excited about the start of my maternity leave…I can’t believe it’s finally here.

Now to get to that point, I’ve a ton of work to finish up first but I really don’t mind as I know the end is near and I can start the next phase then!

Even though I’m up to my eyes in work, we also decided to do up our spare room, into Jack’s new ‘Big Boy’ room. I’d love to get it finished before the baby comes so he can move in and there is no association between him moving rooms and the baby arriving.

We never did anything with his old room; it barely had a couple of pictures on the wall. So this time I want to make his room into a proper little boy’s room. I’ve filled 5 black sacks of rubbish that I had stored in the spare wardrobe and under the bed…something I’ve put off for probably if I’m honest the last 4/5 years ha ha!! My husband has started to paint it a nice shade of blue too. So we’re full steam ahead.

The plan is to put in a single bed and Jack’s cotbed, so we’ll still have a spare bed if anyone is staying. I went to Ikea and got some nice storage units for his toys and some colourful single duvet covers etc. for the spare bed. I found a shop in Carrickmines (Howards Storage) that sells nice wall stickers for approx. €22 (I bought ones with a variety of trucks, a plane and train) – you can get similar ones online too – I know have a huge range.

So between finishing up in work and doing up his room, it’s all go at the moment!

I’ll relax next week!  As far as getting things ready for the baby…well I’m still working on that one, ha ha!!