You know the Sunday night blues you often get after a great weekend when you are faced with work the next day.  Imagine that multiplied by ten months and a life changing event (aka having a baba) and that is where I found myself a few weeks ago.  To be fair, I had knocked as much as I could out of maternity leave both paid and unpaid so it was time I stepped back into the world of emails, voicemails and, oh yeah, an uninterrupted cup of coffee.

I definitely wanted to go back to work, it was always the plan.  Mat leave was great but I think both I and the baba were getting a bit bored of each other towards the end – maybe I am just not that good at coming up with inventive activities.  Enter crèche.  Like any mum, I was worried how this would go.  The baba discovered within the first five minutes that they had a ball pool and hasn’t looked back, in fact I think she is a little disappointed we haven’t got one at home for her on the weekends…. The ease with which the baba took to crèche has been a huge help though in terms of the mammy guilts about going back to work.

That said, it ain’t all plain sailing.  I’d heard of ‘crechitis’ and I can vouch for the fact that it does exist.  In the first month alone we have had an ear infection, a virus and impetigo.  The baba of course takes most of this in her stride; however, these germs get passed to both me and my other half on a regular basis so we are completely wiped out from weird flu like stuff too.  The impetigo was also not fun – I’m still wet wiping my work station in the interests of those colleagues around me.

I’ve also had to be even more organised (seriously – does this having to be organised all the time ever end?).  Batch cooking of various mince related dinners, savoury muffins and pancakes is my new life.  I will never see the bottom of the laundry basket again and my dusting standards have been lowered a notch or two.

Also, my clothes still don’t fit.  It’s depressing at worst, an excuse to update the wardrobe at best (if I can ever find the time).  OK, so I didn’t exactly kill myself trying to lose weight after the baba – I naively believed people when they said ‘it will just fall off you’.  It doesn’t.  Weight is weight, if you want to lose it – you’ve got to put a bit of effort in.  I will start running again.  Soon.  Honestly.

So, has going back to work been good for us?  Absolutely.  This Mum feels like she has come through to the other side of what was quite an experience.  Dad is getting all creative in the kitchen again as we split the cooking duties more and the baba, well the baba gets to hang out with her new buddies all day in a ball pool – I think she has probably got the best end of the deal out of the three of us!