by: Pippa

Ah, the matter of fashion and pregnancy.  It’s a tricky subject because everyone’s tastes (and shape) are so very different.  So, this post is for all the kinda short (5ft 5in), curvy, hour glassy kind of women who are pregnant and who like to wear simple classic wardrobe and who does not have an amount (or real interest) in spending hours shopping. If you fit most of those criteria, well this is what saved me fashion-wise during my pregnancy:

Around 50% of my outfits came from COS. Brilliant for super simple tops and jumpers that would cover my ever growing bump, which kept me warm and covered for my January to September pregnancy. No fuss, no frills, no very mumsy patterns, with a nice shape – just what I love. But as good as the tops were (and they were), what was stand out brilliant from this store were the dresses. Oh the brilliantly fantastic dresses!  I nipped in only a few times during the nine months and was spoilt for choice for great dresses that were neat at the shoulders with space around the waist, in simple bold colours with some kind of design ‘twist’. What was baffling was that these dresses were not for pregnant women – I wondered what non-pregnant person would be able to carry off such a spacious dress… (The answer to my own wondering was probably those women who can just throw on anything and look well…)

I know that I’m not the only pregnant one who was dressed by COS during their pregnancy – one of the team in their store told me that they are inundated with women with bumps, despite not having any maternity section!

The remaining 50% of my pregnancy wardrobe came from ASOS. Now due to my curviness pre-pregnancy, I was not an online clothes shopper at all.  After all, it’s very hard to see on a computer screen if my reality of boobs and bums fit what the designers’ idea of what boobs and bums are.  And the fact is that my reality and their idea rarely did match if I ever did give online clothes shopping a go.  Anyway, I did give ASOS a go and was really glad I did.

The main things I got through ASOS were trousers and tops. For tops, check out the ASOS own nursing range – I found them great for wearing during pregnancy as well as now when I’m feeding. One of the few times that I found a top or jumper I liked and bought it in a few colours – it worked as it fitted me well and I felt smart, which was the main thing.  And I did find that jewellery really made an outfit – I used a lot of these tops and bottoms as a ‘base’ for an outfit.

For pregnancy trousers I found there are underbumpers and overbumpers and women who swear by both of them. I was a clear overbumper – I much preferred having that extra bit of fabric covering up over my bump, rather than having my trousers finish under the mound – I found that trousers kinda dug in that way. Anyway, to each their own – find the one that works for you! For overbumpers, I thought the Mamalicious trousers were just brilliant – a nice simple fit, made my legs look nice and slim, and were great for work. Wore the hell of these bad boys over the nine months.

The last thing I bought was a big surprise for me – leggings. Now I am not a leggings like of girl by any means. Leggings to me conjure up that image of horribly see-though, washed-to-death black cotton with giant chewing-gum-grey granny knickers completely that are visible underneath.  Not the look I usually go for.  However, I got a tip from a pal to keep an open mind about leggings – so I grabbed a pair. Have to say, nearing the end of my pregnancy, nothing was more comfy than pregnancy leggings to jump into of an evening. And I did wear them for the first few weeks after baby’s arrival, as a step up from PJs! So today I’m going to stand up proud and say, I am a leggings wearer. (Though, when out of the house, only with very long tops to hide any potential visuals of my pants, whatever colour they are….)

For tights , the only ones in town that are worth the money are Marks & Spencers. Best for tights by a country mile. Interestingly I couldn’t find them in the store for the final two weeks of my pregnancy, so do hope they are still doing them! They were the only ones that really felt like proper tights. They also lasted the workday and the washing machine, so you could get another wear out of them.

So I found that with a few good sets of trousers, a few more dresses and pregnancy tights, and lots of simple tops and jumpers, as well as some good flat shoes and different jewellery, I was surprisingly well suited and booted for those nine months in work and at the weekends.

The one thing that I could not find throughout my pregnancy was a good coat that fitting around me. Oh how I looked. But hey, I guess you cannot win them all…. And I won more than I thought in the pregnancy fashion stakes or rather, I thought I did!