by: Pippa

My husband and I had always talked about having two children, if we were able to. And given our ages (late 30s), we always knew that we weren’t going to have too long to wait between Bubs 1 and 2.

The chat really started after our daughter blew the candles out on her first birthday.  We knew that getting pregnant wasn’t going to necessarily be quick to happen again – if it was to at all – so we had to give this some time. As terrifying as it felt heading into this again, there were a few lovely things to think about:

We had done this already

We had a lovely, boundless-with-energy daughter who we had (pretty) successfully guided through to her first birthday. Well, she had gotten to her first birthday anyway! Factoring in the gene pool from which she came from, she seemed pretty normal to us. She was up and running – well wobbling – around, eating most things (within reason) and was the apple of our families’ eyes. So we knew we could do this.

We had one already

This one is something that is a very personal reaction as I know many friends who have a very different view to me on this one. But for us, it was a great comfort to us to know that if this wasn’t to happen, we had our daughter. We felt lucky to have her.

We were going to get support if we needed it

We were very practical about this. We read about the chances of conceiving for our age and gave ourselves six months to try naturally, but had agreed that we were not going to waste a big amount of time.  Again – and maybe this was just us – but that helped us knowing that we were not on our own relaxed us a bit and made us feel a lot less isolated.

Speaking of not being on your own….

Yeah, trying to conceive with a one-year old makes things a lot less romantic. Sometimes, it felt a little like scheduling a reminder for a television show – 9pm on Tuesday, does that work for you?

And then, with medical appointments to get us checked out in the diary, we found out the weekend before meeting the doctors that baby number 2 was on the way. We were back on the rollercoaster.