by: Pippa

It was a very weird experience when my daughter started to crawl.  Firstly, our first reaction was sheer relief as all of had to watch her for weeks in total frustration as she just could not unfurl her legs correctly to get going.

Second was total awe as she went from one shuffle of the legs to legging it across the floor in an evening, which we were not expecting!

And third, it was the humour as she really didn’t look very human at all. Rather she looked like a robot baby mechanically crawling across the floor.

The crawling definitely has opened up a whole new world. A new world of my husband and I picking up things that are now in her reach to remove them and also picking her up, away from falling off things. Especially the bed.

Put it this way, morning routine will never be the same again. Instead of just placing her on the bed and getting ready, there’s now clear tag team marking of a little girl. And removing things from her reach. And picking her up, away from falling off things. And then removing things from her reach again. And picking her up, away from falling off things again.

The crawling does raise a new question – how much baby proofing do you do? After calling into two of our neighbours – both who have babies and have a similar houses to us – it was a real surprise to see that they had opted for very different set ups for baby proofing.

One had gone for everything – plug covers, additional fire guards, four different stair gates  – while the other had nothing. Not. A. Thing.  What Couple #2 had done was teach their kid very clearly what was for touching and what wasn’t. What was safe and what wasn’t. And furthermore, they taught their little boy how to go down stairs backwards on his tummy.

We’d never thought of going the latter – to be honest, we’d just presumed that it would have to be the full-gate-full-baby-house approach to this stage of baby life. But this latter option gave us a chance of having a house, rather than just a babyproofed space.

So what to do?

Well for now, we’re going light on extra protections and are heading down the ‘teaching’ route. It’s going well for us so far – she’s learnt the two areas in our living room that are out of bounds and has learnt to get off a couch and a bed on her belly, leading with her legs.

That said, we’ve yet to broach the stairs yet. There may be gates yet….