by: Sinead

I feel great this week, so I decided to test the bibi strolli that I had purchased towards the end of my pregnancy. We have christened it Jack’s ‘buggy bike’! He loves it (he even wears his bicycle helmet, ha ha!) and I still have the control so he can’t run off, as he is strapped in, just in case he ever did decide to make a run for it.

When I was pregnant he rarely sat in the buggy, so I decided there was no point in getting a double buggy. I found a second hand bibi strolli online and put it up in the attic for when the time was right. I attached it to the pram the other morning and we set off to the playground that is about 15 minutes’ walk away. What a magic buy! I can’t get him off it since and it’s surprisingly easy to manoeuvre, so I definitely think I’ll brave a longer walk now.

And for me, until I can get back driving, it means FREEDOM when I’m at home alone with both kids. I can just pack them up and off we go!!!!

So that’s Jack sorted and Jessica, well she’s a little pet! She’s much more alert this week too!