by: Jen

With the water restrictions set to continue over the weekend and into next week, here’s some advice about using bottled water for your baby just in case you find yourself caught out.

The FSAI states that if the tap water in your area is not suitable to drink, (or in this case may not be available) then a bottled water can be used as a suitable alternative.

  • The bottled water must have a sodium content of less than 20mg per litre – this level will be clearly labelled on the bottle either listed as ‘Sodium’ or as ‘Na’ so be sure to check before buying. Evian and Volvic are two examples of brands that are suitable.
  • This water must still be boiled before use. Up until the age of 12 months all water offered to a baby should be cooled boiled water.

We hope this helps. Have a good weekend everyone.