by: Sinead

I felt more comfortable the last few days, so I decided to try on the Belly Bandit I bought. Having not used one the first time round I didn’t know what it would feel like or if it would work but sure I’m giving it a go!

Now they are expensive but if nothing else it is really helping my back with its support. The instructions say to wear it day and night and to only take it off to shower, so I am (not sure how long I’ll last but this week I’m following it to the letter. I have to lie down on the bed to close it ha ha….but once strapped in I feel great. And even after a few days I definitely think it’s helping to push things back in place. Now I’m not sure it’s worth the money I paid as I know there are cheaper versions available, but too late now.

If you remember after my last pregnancy I suffered from diastasis recti (where my stomach muscles separated during pregnancy and never re-joined – you could fit 2 fingers into the gap!) and it really drove me mad, I hated my stomach as I had a permanent pot belly no matter how much exercise I did. So if this can help improve it brilliant, but if nothing else once it prevents it from getting any worse, I’ll be happy.

Only time will tell!