by: Sinead

Ok so I decided to tackle the night-time bed wetting issue with Jack again. He is toilet trained for nearly a year now, well during the day only. I kept the pull-ups on at night.

I asked friends and searched the internet and wow the information is so conflicting. Some people say to lift them during the night; others say not to do this. Some say that it was the pull-ups that has delayed his progress, other disagree…..ahhhh!!!

What is the best way to go about this??

It is night 5 now and we have only had one dry night (I think that one was pure luck!). We have been lifting him but as a result he is exhausted in the morning because his sleep has been disturbed and now he gets really upset when we lift him and blankly refuses to go! So I tried not lifting – It actually makes no difference. It seems that he is in such a deep sleep that he can’t feel how wet he is. So those that said the pull-ups stop them from feeling being wet, well it makes absolutely no difference in Jack’s case.

I have read that if it’s a physical problem a doctor wont do anything until they are older? I feel so sorry for him because he is just wrecked now (we all are)!

Can anyone help me?? Do I give up and leave him alone, he is still young, or do I stick with it??

How have you gotten through it, any tips/advice you can share would really be appreciated by this very disheartened mother!

PS: I had also blocked out the amount of extra washing involved in this process!!