by: Sinead

Jessica had her 6 week check the other day and that meant I got the all clear to get back driving again. My scar is healing perfectly.

I have been waiting for this stage to come for what seems like an eternity! With the weather so changeable at the moment, fabulous one day, hail stones the next, cabin fever was really getting to me and the novelty of walking to the local shops was kind of wearing off. So the day after I had brought her to the GP, we were off for our first shopping trip, ha ha! I put a serious dent in my bank balance that day, but I just had to get it out of my system (well that’s my excuse!) 🙂

I still have to get used to the length of time it takes to get myself and two kids ready to leave the house!! Why is it that as soon as you put them in their car seats, babies seem to decide that’s a great time to fill their nappy and require a change of clothes as a result, ha ha! Or you are all in the car and your toddler announces that he needs to go to the toilet! I’ve given up, I arrive when I arrive at the moment, I’m just hoping with time I’ll get a bit quicker at it all.