by: Gillian

Well the big day had finally arrived and there was a buzz of excitement in the house…. Aoibhin’s communion day. She had taken it very well, not making too big of a fuss, but quietly excited and on the morning of the communion, she looked radiant. I’m sure most Mum’s fight back the tears when their little children are growing up, but throw in a few pregnancy hormones  on top of that and you have the perfect recipe for floods of tears.

Through a narrowly avoided hair disaster (I decided to do her hair myself) and my own false tan disaster (I thought I bought instant, but oh no a 3 hour wait, I’m  still scrubbing the brown dribble stains off my elbows a week later!) we made it to the church on time, all the pretty little ladies were there, giddily jumping up and down waiting to walk down the aisle to their family pews.

After the ceremony, we had some people back to the house, with a bouncy slide out the back to occupy the kids, and the rain stayed off until 4 o’clock.

Everyone left around 8.30 and by then me & my bump were fit to drop. It was then I got time to sit down and feel the little kicks & thumps of my little bump… it’s amazing when you are so busy you just  don’t have time to notice whether he’s being quiet or not. We caught up over a cup of tea!