by: Sinead

What a week, it began with reflexology and numerous cups of raspberry leaf tea (both supposed to get things going!?), a couple days later I find myself packing my hospital bag mid contractions, ha ha! The contractions got stronger that night and the next morning my waters broke and that was it we were getting ready to go to the hospital – right on schedule as it was my due date. Deep breaths all the way…….!!

When we got into the hospital I was examined and told that I wasn’t ‘in labour’ what a joke!! I’m in bits are you serious, I thought to myself!! They offered me Pethidine – biggest mistake I made. I just felt really drunk, with the room spinning and I felt sick as a result, and still felt every contraction, which were coming strong and fast by then….what was the point of that, all I could do was lie down because it makes you so dizzy. Disaster!

Finally when it started to wear off the midwife suggested that I get in the shower (Now remember this is all new to me, I had a section the first time and never went into labour as Jack was breach so it wasn’t an option – I hadn’t a clue what to expect). The shower was the best thing ever; I could’ve stayed in it for hours.  It definitely gave relief and must have relaxed me as well……because I’m then told that I’m finally in labour, yaaay!! To cut a long story short, I got an epidural – fantastic invention, as soon as I had it I said to myself for the first time ‘I can do this, it’ll be fine!’  I didn’t have to though as I failed to progress, I never made it past 2cm, they even gave my oxytocin with a 4 hour time limit (because I’d had a section before). Time was up, so off to theatre we went! At that stage I didn’t mind, I was ok with it and I suppose having had a section already, it was easier this time as I knew what to expect.

IT’S A GIRL! We called her Jessica. She was born in the early hours of the morning, just past her due date by a couple hours; her time keeping wasn’t bad anyway!

I don’t really know how I felt when she was born; I was excited, yet physically and mentally wrecked. My body wouldn’t stop shaking, a reaction to the epidural, I also felt sick….but I have a little girl now so all worth it.  I saw her for probably a whole 10 seconds in the operating theatre, and then I went off to the recovery room and didn’t get to see her again for nearly 10 hours later. She spent the first night in the NICU due to her blood sugar levels, but she’s fine now and she’s mine!

All I’ll say is ‘BEWARE OF DAY 2 HORMONES’!

I remember them hitting me the first time when Jack was born, I was only just out of bed after the section and I was going to change his nappy, my first time, but when I got to the door of the nursery I burst into tears saying to myself ‘I haven’t a clue what to do’ (I was rescued by a lovely student midwife, I’ll never forget it). This time I was worried about Jack coming into the hospital and how he’d react and him having to leave me in there…the tears started in the morning and when he arrived I was in tears again as soon as I saw him. The entire visit was an emotionally roller-coaster and saying goodbye…awful! I was so delighted to see him, but hated the whole situation. He’s only small too and sure it was a lot for him to get used to too. Again, an amazing midwife came to my rescue that night. A good cup of tea and a few biscuits cures all sorts apparently 😉

Thankfully I’m able to enrol in the ‘early release programme’ so I’m out of here asap!! I walked the corridor all of last night with her; she would scream if I sat down, let alone lay down! Why is it that every other baby was asleep but mine!? I’m wrecked!! The same midwife that saved me with the tea has just told me that I may be able to go home today (slightly less than the 72hrs limit if you had a section, but hey who’s counting if it gets me home to my own bed sooner). I have to wait for the doctor to give me the ok though….fingers crossed!