by: Gillian

I was in a car crash last week; an elderly couple ran a yield sign and crashed into the front side of my car. I saw the car literally a second before we hit and I knew there was no chance of avoiding it, we were going to collide.

I can’t remember what I did, I obviously instinctively hit the brakes, but nothing sticks in my head… except that I started crying. I am sure the poor couple in the other car got a dreadful fright, seeing an 8 months pregnant woman get out of the car must have filled them with dread!

Lots of very nice ladies ran up to the car, one lady in particular was brilliant, phoned my husband, calmed me down, calmed the couple down, Thank you, I am sorry I cannot remember your name.

I went into Holles street, just to be safe and although I could feel the baby moving away and they did a quick scan, they sent me up to foetal assessment for a trace on the baby’s heart. I sat with my husband for 30 minutes listening to the soothing & relieving sound of my baby’s heart and thankfully everything was ok.

Now there’s just a case of a broken car!