Baby showers are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a time to celebrate with mum-to-be before the big day. Baby showers can be as extravagant or relaxed as you like, and we have lots of baby shower inspiration to steer you in the right direction. The one thing that all baby showers traditionally have in common is some fun games to get the party started!

As not all baby shower guests may know each other, games are a great way to loosen everyone up and get into the party spirit. Take a look at our favourite baby shower games below for inspiration.

Guess the Baby Photo

One way to ensure lots of laughs is playing ‘Guess the Baby’. When inviting guests to the baby shower, ask each of them to bring along a baby picture of themselves. As each guest arrives, assign a number to each of their photographs, stick them to a wall or picture board and have friends and family guess which picture belongs to each guest. Once everyone has admired the cuteness, award the person with the most correct matches with a gift.

Baby Food Taste Test

One thing a mother will have to get used to is checking the temperature of their baby’s food which involves taking a sample for themselves, so this game is the perfect preparation. Begin by blind folding the mother to be then gather 5 unique baby food flavours, give them a sample of each and keep track of each correct guess. The more unusual the flavour, the better.

The Nappy Challenge

Changing nappies will become a major skill during motherhood, get all the guests prepared (and laughing) by playing this game. Split the guests into teams and using a roll of toilet paper each, give the teams 2 minutes to create a diaper on one of their team members – mum-to-be can choose the most effective nappy to win!

The Baby Bucket List

Decorate a bucket and place in the middle of the room. Guests can write down their best piece of advice for mum-to-be and place in the bucket and the host can read them out and encourage the guests to guess who wrote each note. These notes will also be lovely reading after the baby is born!

The Baby Item Test

Fill a bag with at least 10 useful baby items such as bibs, nappies, baby grows and wipes. Give each guest a pen and paper and while blindfolded, make them identify as many items as possible while rummaging through the bag. Once everyone has had a go, whoever has guessed the most correct items gets a prize and the Mum-to-be gets to keep the bag of useful items!

Who Knows Mum Best?

Baby showers are normally focused on the upcoming arrival however this game turns the attention to the expecting Mum as her friends and family debate who knows her best. Arrange for one person to collate a range of questions about the Mum and then individually or in teams, grab a pen and paper and write down your answers. Whoever answers the most correctly, wins!

Name That Tune

You would be surprised the amount of songs you can relate to a baby shower when you look for them! Split the group into 2 or 3 teams and play the first few seconds of some iconic songs like ‘I got you babe’ and ‘baby one more time’ and see who can guess the title and artist the fastest.

Whether you are planning an Instagram inspired Baby Shower or a low-key catch-up with close friends, make sure that mum-to-be feels special, comfortable and has fun.