If your creche or play-school ask you to send in a packed lunch each day, it can be difficult to come up with healthy and varied options. A little bit of planning can help – if you keep the fridge and the cupboards stocked with healthy staples and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables it can be easier to put a healthy lunch together in a few minutes before you go.

These packed snack and lunch ideas can also be handy if you are heading off on a day trip or visiting friends or family – bringing your toddler’s favourite snack or lunch with you can mean that you don’t have to worry about what foods are on offer when you get there.

Do have a small insulated bag to use for your toddler’s lunch, drink and snacks – there is nothing worse than finding your carefully prepared lunch has been mashed up inside your best handbag!!!

Do have a small insulated bag to use for your toddler’s lunch, drink and snacks

Handy on the go foods include:

Bananas – easy to transport, peel and full of nutrition.

Fromage Frais Tubes – Yogjurt-type snack without the need for a spoon. Freeze them and then they will be nice and cold when eaten, and they will keep the lunch bag cool too.

Individually wrapped crackers – small packs can be opened as needed and eaten with cheese and fruit

Cheese portions – little individually wrapped cheese portions can be a handy and nutritious finger food.


Rice cakes – a healthy option, go for the yogurt topped ones for a sweet treat after lunch

And if you need to make a full packed lunch to leave at the creche or to bring on a day trip, the foods above are handy, but add in a more substantial lunchtime option to make a filling balanced meal.

Filled pitta pocket with cheese and tomato, smoothie drink and a small pear

Wholemeal roll with lean ham, small bunch of grapes and portion of cheese

toddler snacking
Crackers with cheese and a chopped apple

Cous cous salad with chopped tomato and pesto, small banana and cup of milk

Hard boiled egg, soft brown roll, small bunch of grapes and cup of milk

Tuna on a soft roll with chopped cucumber and sweetcorn, cup of milk

Egg mayonnaise sandwich with grapes and cheese 

Water is the best drink for your toddler but home made 100% fruit smoothies or 100% fruit juice diluted with water can also be offered now and again.

If you would like some more tips what pack for lunch, contact our Careline.