Struggling to come up with ideas for breakfast for your toddler?

Early mornings can be a rush in even the most organised of households…and there aren’t too many of them. The key is to plan, plan and plan some more – and no matter how rushed you are, never skip breakfast, and that goes for Mums, Dads, school children and toddlers.

Breakfast eaters have improved concentration levels in school and work and will perform better throughout the morning

There are so many breakfast benefits for all the family, it is never worth missing out. Your toddler needs 3 main meals each day and breakfast will help set them up for the busy day ahead. Breakfast eaters also have improved concentration levels in school and work and will perform better throughout the morning.

So whether you have 10 minutes on a Monday or a little longer at the weekends, choose a healthy breakfast for your toddler to start their day the right way.

Here are some ideas:

  • Porridge and a cup of milk and a small satsuma
  • Fortified unsweetened breakfast cereal with milk and chopped banana
  • Wholemeal toast* with peanut butter and banana and a cup of milk
  • Wholemeal bagel* with cream cheese and a small bunch of grapes
  • Scrambled egg on wholemeal toast with a cup of milk
    Boiled Egg Breakfast
  • Boiled egg with soldiers of toast and a cup of diluted unsweetened pure fruit juice
  • Our “Happy Eggs” recipe makes a smiling boiled egg with banana
  • Wholemeal toast* with butter and sliced banana and a cup of milk

And remember, these breakfasts are a great start for all the family, not just your toddler. A cup of tea or coffee for Mums and Dads allowed!

* Wholemeal bread / bagels / rolls are a higher fibre option for your toddler but the white varieties are fine sometimes too. However, do offer wholemeal regularly to ensure your toddler will develop a taste for brown bread as they grow up.

If you would like some more breakfast ideas and tasty recipes visit our toddler breakfast recipe section here.

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