It is quite normal to feel nervous about bathing your baby for the first time. Bathing your baby can be the perfect time for you and your baby to relax and spend some special time together. When you bathe your baby, it is important to keep them warm so that they don’t lose too much body heat. It is a good idea to make sure the room is warm and the water temperature is about 38°C. We’ve got plenty of helpful tips below to help you feel more at ease.

What supplies do I need?

  • A plastic baby bath
    bathing babyb
  • A baby sponge
  • Cotton wool
  • Soft towel
  • Nappy
  • Clothes

How do I bathe my baby?

  • When lifting your baby in and out of the bath always use two hands
  • Gently place your baby in the baby bath.  Use one arm to gently support your baby’s back, head and neck, and use the other hand to clean your baby.
  • Using cotton wool, wash around your baby’s eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth. Don’t forget to clean under your baby’s chin and behind the ears.
  • Take great care when cleaning around the umbilical
  • Gently, using a sponge wash your baby’s arm, legs and tummy. Making sure to get in between skin creases.  Wash the nappy area last. If you have a baby girl be sure to clean front to back.
  • Lifting your baby with two hands from the bath, place your baby on the changing area and pat them dry, paying special attention to the skin creases in their neck, arms and legs.

Our Midwife Sinead shows you exactly how it’s done in this video.

If you have any worries or you need any extra advice about bathing your baby, contact our Careline.