Antenatal classes provide you with lots of useful information on pregnancy, the birth and caring for your baby. They are also a great opportunity for you to meet other expectant parents!

You can either attend the classes run by the hospital or you can choose take private classes. It’s really up to you.  It’s probably best to check with the hospital to see what your options are, then do a bit of research online and decide which classes suit you best.

Below are some of the topics covered that antenatal classes cover:

  • Looking after your health during pregnancy
  • Growth and development of the foetus during pregnancy
    Couples Attending Ante Natal Class Together
  • Pain relief during labour & delivery
  • When to go into hospital
  • What to expect during labour
  • Breastfeeding workshop
  • Emotional aspects of becoming a parent
  • Physical care of your baby

There are both women only and couples classes – again it’s totally up to you to choose which one you should attend. It is best to book them as early as possible. Some courses get booked up very quickly, especially the evening and weekend ones.